This tutorial is © tagcatz designs 2016. It may not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without my written permission.

This tutorial assumes a basic working knowledge of PSP.
Scrap kit is PTU by Bella Caribena called Beautiful Summer and is available at Mystical ScrapsHERE
The lady is PTU by Barbara Jensen and is available at her store HERE
Mask and font of choice

Open a new transparent image 600 x 600 - we can resize later
Choose the paper you would like for your mask layer, resize, copy and close
Load your mask and then merge group
Open element 68, resize to 440, copy, close and paste as new layer
Move up and rotate left a bit
Open a paper you would like for inside the frame, copy and close
With your magic wand, click inside the frame
Selections, modify, expand 10
New raster layer
Paste into selection
Move this layer below the frame layer
Click your mask layer to activate it
Open element 10, resize to 280 width and move so it's mostly behind the frame
Duplicate this layer and move down a bit and to the right
Open element 20, resize to 300 width and move up a bit and to the right
Activate the layer behind the frame
Open element 66, paste as new layer and position so one of the "suns" is in the top left of the frame
Erase any outside the frame
Open element 1, copy and move to the right of the frame, overlapping the bigger flower
Activate your frame layer
Open element 128, copy, close and paste as new layer
Open element 13, resize to 215 width and move to the bottom right of the fence
Open element 131, resize to about 500 width and move down
Open element 42, resize to 275 width and move to the left and down
Open element 43, resize to 240 width and move down and to the left side in front of the other flowers
Open element 14, resize to 110 width and move down in front of the flowers and a little right
Open element 7, resize quite small, flip horizontal (mirror) and move to the bottom left
Open element 17, resize to 210 width and move down and to the right so the flowers overlap the watermelon a bit
Open element 113, resize to 320 width, flip horizontal(mirror) and move to the bottom right
Open your Barbara Jensen tube and choose the layer you want
Copy and close, then paste as new layer
Go through your layers and add drop shadows to your elements
I used 0, 3, 30, 6, black
If you're going to resize, do that now before adding any text
Add the copyright info and license number for the Barbara Jensen tube
For my text, I used Always Black, #a03a65 and gave it a small gradient glow with Eye Candy 4000 plugin
Merge visible and save as a png file
Thanks for trying my tut!