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What does it cost?

Like just about everything else in the world, it depends on what you want from your web site! If what you need is a basic one page web site, somewhere you can be "present", have business specific email addresses, and the design is not complicated to execute, you are likely looking at $500 - $600 all in. That includes domain registration and web hosting for a year, the design, content consultation and uploading to the web. If you need extras in the form of any copyrighted image use or maintenance, those are extra. We can discuss this at the time before you sign up for any work to be done. Fees are payable half in advance, half on completion (uploading to the web).

Site maintenance rates are $25 an hour and are billed monthly for any work done on the site. In a month where any work is done on the site, there is a minimum of $25 charge. This is not something you may need to do monthly and you are only invoiced for the month in which the work took place. If your site will require extensive maintenance, we can discuss a monthly retainer rather than an hourly rate if that works out better for you.

A more complicated web site with many pages, editing of images, extensive link research etc will cost more and can be discussed before any work on your behalf commences.