This tutorial is © tagcatz designs 2015. It may not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without my written permission.

This tutorial assumes a basic working knowledge of PSP.

Scrap kit is Mexican Life from SophisticatSimone and is available from Hania's Design Store HERE
It's a match for the Stella Felice tube I've used.
The tube is PTU by Stella Felice and is available exclusively at Hania's Design Store HERE.
The mask I've used is FTU from Moonbeams & Spiderwebs HERE It's mask 65
You'll need the plugins Mura's Seamless, Emboss at Alpha and Eye Candy 4000, Gradient glow - both available HERE
Font of choice

Install your plugins before beginning
Put the mask in your PSP masks folder
Open a new transparent image 600 x 600
Open paper 7, resize to 600 x 600, copy, close and paste as new layer
Load your mask with source luminance, fit to canvas and hide all mask checked
Merge group
Duplicate this layer and then flip horizontal (mirror)
Open element 63, resize to 400 width, copy, close and paste as new layer
Move to the right a bit
With your magic wand, click inside the frame
Selections, modify, expand 5
New raster layer
Open paper 10, copy, close and paste into selection
Deselect and move below the frame layer
Activate your group layer
Open element 70, resize to 330 width, copy, close and paste as new layer
Move to the top right
Open element 13, resize to 160 width, copy, close and paste as new layer
Move to the bottom right so it shows partially from behind the frame
Open element 12, copy, close and paste as new layer - move to the top left
Duplicate this layer and resize to about 200 width, then move to the bottom right overlapping the green flower
Activate your frame layer
Open element 39, resize to 200 width and postion at the right side of the frame
Open element 80, select the pinata you want to use, and position in front of the guitar
Open element 3, resize to 170 width and position at the bottom right
Open element 4, select the cactus on the right
Paste as new layer and resize to 280 width, then move to the left side of the frame
Open element 29, resize to 150 width and position on the left side in front of the cactus
I repeated both the green and orange flowers, resized in front of the middle of the frame
Add the fan, element 37, resized to 320 width, position at the bottom left
Add one of the drinks you like, or maybe the tequila bottle! to the bottom left
Add element 76, the beads - or maybe some hot peppers! resized, to the bottom right
Open the Stella Felice tube, choose the layer with the Mexican hat, resize to 500 width and paste as new layer
Go through your layers and add drop shadows to your elements
I used 0, 3, 30, 5, black
If you wish to resize, do that now before adding any text
Add the copyright info and license number for the Stella Felice tube
Convert to raster
Effects, plugins, Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow
On the color tab choose white
On the basic tab, 8, 24, 100, draw box checked
Lower the opacity of this layer to 70%
For my text I used Left Hook #b00201
Convert to raster
Effects, texture effects, blinds
Width 3, opacity 30, white, check horizontal and light from left/top boxes
Effects, plugins, Mura's Seamless, Emboss at Alpha, default settings except change emboss to 90
Give it the same Gradient Glow as the CR
Merge visible and save as a PNG file
Thanks for trying my tut!