This tutorial is © tagcatz designs 2014. It may not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without my written permission.

This tutorial assumes a basic working knowledge of PSP and AS. I use X5 but any version will do.

No scraps are used for this tut. Everything you need, except the animation, is in the supplies HERE

The animation is from Sophisticated Simone (package 35) and is available for purchase from CDO HERE
The bear image is copyright to Creddy and doesn't require a CR if you're using it just for a tag for personal use. Any other usage would have to be permitted by asking the artist
You will need the plugin Mura's Seamless - Emboss at Alpha and you can get that HERE

Install your plugin before beginning
Put the mask in your Masks folder
Open a new image 600 x 600 and flood fill with white
You can resize it later if you wish
Set your foreground color to #006400 and background color to #2cad2c
New raster layer and flood fill with the foreground color
Load your mask and then merge group
I made the mask a bit smaller, but see what you think when the other elements go on the tag!
With your present shapes too, pull a rectangle about 300 x 300
Convert to raster layer
With your magic wand, click inside the rectangle
Give it any texture that's pleasing but not too busy
Switch your foreground and background colors
With your preset shapes tool, pull a circle a bit smaller than the rectangle
Convert to raster layer
Open the harp tube, resize to about 300 height, copy and close
Paste as new layer and move to the left
Open the shamrocks and select the one you want, then minimize for now if you have an "i" in your name! Otherwise close it
Paste as new layer and position on top of the circle
Open the hat, copy and close then paste as new layer and move to the right side
Open the Creddy tube, copy and close
Paste as new layer and position to suit
Go through your layers and add drop shadows - I used 3, 3, 20, 5, black
Add your watermark
Open the d_goldfold pattern and minimize
On your foreground color, choose pattern and select the gold
Switch to background and null your foreground
Type your text and give it a small drop shadow - I used 2, 2, 20, 2, black
Effects, Plugins, Mura's Seamless - Emboss at Alpha - default settings except change emboss to 90
Put your darker green in the foreground color spot
Type your name, stroke with 1
Same drop shadow and plugin as the text
I duplicated the shamrock layer and made it quite small - and used it at the top of the "i" in the name
Leave everything this size until after the animation is done. You can resize in AS after the animation
Merge your bottom four layers into one layer - the white, the mask, the rectangle and the circle
Copy this layer and go to AS and right click to paste as new animation, duplicate until you have 11 frames, then minimize
Open the Sophisticated Simone animation 103
Edit, select all
Animation, resize animation to 400 width
Edit, copy and then close
Maximize your background frames
Edit, Select all
(Make sure your slider is completely over to the left because you need to paste into frame 1)
Edit, paste into selected frame and position and then click once to set it in place - about like this:

Animation, frame properties and change the speed to 20
Back to PSP and close the eye on your merged background layer
Click any other layer to activate it
Edit, copy special, copy merged
Go to AS and right click to paste as new animation
Duplicate until you have 11 frames
Edit, copy and then close
Maximize your background frames
(Again pasting into frame 1) Edit, select all
Edit, paste into selected frame
Position and click once to set it in place
If you want to resize it, click animation, resize animation and choose the size you want
Save as a gif file
Happy St Patrick's Day! Watch out for elves and green beer!