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First Steps

The first step we'll take is to ensure that your business and web site address are available for use. Your web site address should match your business name so that all of your materials are consistent. This is referred to as your Domain Name. We will do a Domain Name search to make sure you get the name you want and that it is protected so no one else can use it. Generally if your business is your personal name there isn't a problem, but the search will guarantee that for you.

Next you will need a web host service to host your site on the web. Many are available and at widely varying costs. Most include a set number of available email addresses and other services. Some include an unlimited number of email addresses, registration of your Domain Name etc and we will recommend some to you that have proven both reliable and fast. A cheap host might look good initially, but if the server they use isn't reliable, then your web site might not be available when their server crashes. It is best to choose something that is not expensive, but offers the security of knowing your site will be there when potential clients want it!

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The next step is to decide on the design and layout you want for your web site. We work with you to ensure your design is customized to meet your needs and represents your business the way you want your clients to see it. This will involve input from you and the designer to arrive at a final design that meets your needs.


Once the framework is completed, it will be up to you to supply the content for the web site. This includes text, and any pictures or links to other pages or sites you want for your site. We can help you with this and can write or edit content if desired.


Now we load the web site to the internet for all the world to see! If you plan on doing your own changes and maintenance for the site once this is done, we will make sure you have access to the files so that you can do that. If your site is a simple one that doesn't require changes from time to time, you really shouldn't have to do much, if anything, to it.

If you know you will have changes, adding new testimonials, articles, links or pictures and you want us to do the maintenance for the site, we can do that for you.