This tutorial is © tagcatz designs 2015. It may not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without my written permission.

This tutorial assumes a basic working knowledge of PSP.

Scrap kit is by Chili Designs called Street Zone and is available at S&CO HERE.
The man is copyright to Zlata_M and is available at PFD HERE
You'll need the plugin Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow and you can get that HERE
Mask and font of choice

Install your plugin before beginning
Open a new transparent image, 600 x 600
Open paper 9, resize to 600 x 600, copy, close and paste as new layer
Load your mask and then merge group
Open your Zlata_M tube, choose the layers you want, resize to about 255 width, copy, close and paste as new layer
Move slightly to the right
Click your group layer to activate it
Add the 7th Avenue sign, resized to about 160 width, to the left and up a bit
Add the raffia on the left side so it covers the 7th avenue sign a bit
Put one of the graffiti's on the wall, top right
Add the surveillance sign resized quite small, to the left and overlapping the raffia
Now add another graffiti, this time overlapping the sign a bit
Open the phone box and resize it quite small, put on the wall to the right of the man
I put deco 4 behind and slightly to the left of the man
Even an urban jungle has plants lol, so I added one on the left side, and then put the garbage cans in front of it
Next is the car, resized to 250 width on the right side
Then resize the tires and put in front of the car
Click the man layer to activate
Add the dog on the left side in front of the garbage cans
In front of the man, I added the running shoes, can and belt
All - resize to suit - and choose different elements if you want!
Go through your layers and add drop shadows to your elements
I used 0, 3, 30, 5, black
For my text, I used Berlin Graffiti, #5c7614
To give it the "glow", Effects, plugins, Eye Candy 4000, Gradient Glow
On the basic tab, 7, 25, 100, draw box checked
On the color tab, choose white
I put this layer below the man so it looked like graffiti on the wall
Add the copyright info and license number for the Zlata_M tube
I gave it the same gradient glow, and then reduced the opacity of the layer to 60%
Merge visible and save as a png file